Welcome to a unique set of guitar courses being taught in the centre of atmospheric Bath, UK this year, as well as details of ongoing lessons. Our courses are designed to generally supercharge your playing and give you some priceless grounding that will benefit your playing for the rest of your musical life; currently, we are currently offering a course which is focused largely on jazz, but makes no claims to be purist.

Our guitar courses are exceptional value, but created to give serious results and progress whilst being fun and highly efficient! The  jazz guitar accelerator is a uniquely-structured course (in cycles of six lessons) for those with a serious desire to progress in this and related genres, who already have a basic knowledge of chords and a few common scales. Each lesson involves working on one self-contained exercise addressing a fundamental principle each of melody, harmony and rhythm, which are all then applied to one example of repertoire. This method draws on the ideas some of the deepest players and teachers in this music from Bill Evans to Kenny ‘Effortless Mastery’ Werner – who all advocate some version of the same basic idea – ‘practice one thing’.

An example: in one lesson we would look at creating melodies using just the basic triads from a key; we’d then select one type of chord voicing used by some of the best players around and work on creating chords JUST using that type of voice; then we’d take both our melodic ideas and new-found chordal knowledge and practice phrasing and comping with them, using a variety of interesting rhythms that we create from scratch! Finally, we’d start to use them on one key song from a selection of interesting repertoire that’s actually useful to you! You’ll be suprised at how quickly people take to this – it’s because we just focus on one thing from each of the three dimensions of music at any one time. This means that if you’ve only got half an hour to practice, you can still make some great progress.

So we’d have a cycle of six lessons structured as described above… then the next cycle builds on the first in a logical way. You get a good crack at all the fundamentals but put them into practice straight away on your favourite tunes.

Please have a look round and get in touch if you need any more information. You can find practical details and pricing here.


“I’ve used many different aspects of the content of your lessons in my playing, in bands, in live performance and have incorporated much of it into my practice. From playing funk rhythm guitar to jazz harmonic knowledge and improvisation as well as general part creation I often return to advice and techniques I have learned in your lessons. The key was the way that we were given the context for the music and styles we were playing, being able to link that into real world situations was and still is valuable for my musicianship.” – JT


“Personally i thought that I learnt more knowledge that I could practically apply from your classes … Especially in terms of harmony and syncapation. All of which i use extensively in my current band. Been rehearsing with them every Thursday/Sunday for the last 2 and half years. Without your classes the band wouldn’t sound how i wanted it to…” – DE