How do you make progress if you only have half an hour to practice?

The Jazz Guitar Accelerator is designed to quickly give a sense of progress, to offer an overview of all the seemingly complex harmonic, melodic and rhythmic material a good player in this genre must know, and offers a programme built of six-week self-contained, yet progressive, cycles of lessons. These are written to help you:


  • Fill in any gaps in your current knowledge of the foundations (time feel and how to develop good time, chords and scales, basic line construction and phrasing, chord voicings)
  • Inspire you through study of choice repertoire – you’ll go away with enough tunes to work on for a full set – and knowing how to study further tunes to quickly expand your repertoire! Swing, Bop, Brazilian, African, Post-bop and beyond.
  • Organise your practise schedule, giving you exercises and drills as well as approaches to tunes that focus on ONE thing at a time in melody, harmony and rhythm, tailored to your own musical needs – drawing on the stated approaches of great musician-teachers like Kenny Werner and Bill Evans.


You will also…

  • learn what to practice, to fit your schedule, to maximise efficiency and make all this actually fun!
  • take away enough material to occupy you for a long time ahead
  • study in person with a seasoned, experienced working player who is also a seasoned, experienced teacher. Although online material is a useful supplement to personal lessons, there is no online substitute for the benefits gained from in-person study.

“Phil’s approach and methods in teaching inspired me and guided me in what areas to explore while studying my instrument. The techniques I learned for transcribing, listening and being contextually sympathetic as a musician from Phil are key aspects that have opened up professional opportunities for me as a touring musician. In addition, Phil’s deep understanding of jazz vocabulary, theory and harmony, and ability to explain concepts in a clear and tailored way are things I valued highly” – JH

Kurt Rosenwinkel ‘Reflections’ (Monk) – cadenza demonstration

Kurt Rosenwinkel – ‘Reflections’ (Monk): cadenza demonstration

John Scofield and Pat Metheny ‘S.C.O.’ – head and first solo demonstration

EXAMPLES OF course HANDOUTS: Repertoire, drills, voicings, lines etc